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Ball on Tennis Court

Welcome to the NW Hawaii Tennis Club League !

This is a 'mini league' for USTA 3.5 female tennis players from Fairmont, Mauna Lani and Mauna Kea.  This tennis play is all about HAVING FUN.  Each match will consist of 3 doubles courts played at each facility over the course of 9 weeks.  We will generally follow USTA rules/format for each match.  Each match is worth 1 point.

The First Schedule - Winter, 2024

All matches are on Friday at 11:00am and with 15 minutes then for warm-up.

JAN Schedule All Teams.png
FEB Schedule All Teams.png
MAR Schedule All Teams.png

Team Rosters

click on the image to see the respective team roster

Mauna Kea Roster.png
Mauna Lani Roster.png
Fairmont Roster.png
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